survey research

Survey Research Services from The Stats Team

The Stats Team conducts online survey research to answer your pressing research questions. Do you need survey data collected? We have the facilities to collect online survey data from any number of individuals. We can provide guidance on survey design, administer the survey on your behalf, and summarize the results for you. We will work with you to formalize your research question and will design an online survey to best answer it. Surveys can include a wide variety of material, including:

  • Multiple choice, short answer, or essay questions
  • Images and videos
  • Timed response questions
  • Market research questions

Our survey platform can accommodate both correlational and experimental study designs as well as a nearly unlimited number of participants. You can supply the participants for your survey, or in many cases we can supply them for you at a reasonable cost-per-participant.

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In addition to research services we can also help with:

  • Statistical analysis – From power analyses to post hoc testing, we can help. Please see our Statistical Services page for details.
  • Research Design – We will work with you to design a focused, cost-effective study that will provide answer to your research questions. Please see our Research Services page for details.

Our expertise

The Stats Team has the experience to provide the research design, statistical analysis, and survey research services needed to get your project done quickly and effectively. Dr. Justin MacDonald, the lead statistical consultant for The Stats Team, has wide-ranging expertise in both research methods and statistics. He teaches undergraduate- and graduate-level statistics and research methods courses and also publishes statistics articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. He has more than 16-years’ experience in quantitative modeling and analysis, as well as considerable expertise in a variety of software platforms, including SAS, SPSS, R, Matlab, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Excel. Check out our About Us page for more details about our staff and pricing.