Statistical Services From The Stats Team

statistical servicesMaximize you Return on Investment by using The Stats Team for statistical services. We provide accurate, timely, and effective statistical analysis of all types of data, including experiment data and market research data.

We handle projects of all sizes, from small, single-study datasets to programmatic, multi-study lines of research.

We provide custom analyses of nearly any type of data including:

  • Survey data
  • Web usage data
  • Market research data
  • Experiment data
  • Historical data
  • Data from between-subjects, within-subjects, mixed factorial, or nested designs
  • Very large datasets (100,000+ cases)

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of statistical procedures:

  • t-tests
  • Chi-Square
  • Pearson correlation
  • Spearman correlation
  • Simple and multivariate regression
  • Principal components analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Multidimensional scaling

If you don’t know what type of analysis you need, we can help!

We can examine existing datasets to determine the best approach for analysis. We can also provide guidance at the earliest stages of the research process to ensure that your data are compatible with robust analysis techniques. Just contact us today to set up a free initial statistics services consultation!

We can also help with research design or survey administration. Please see our Research Services or Survey Research pages for details.

Our expertise

The Stats Team has the experience to provide the statistical services needed to get your project done quickly and effectively. Dr. Justin MacDonald, the lead statistical consultant for The Stats Team, has wide-ranging statistical expertise. He teaches graduate-level statistics courses and also publishes statistics articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. He has more than 16-years’ experience in quantitative modeling and analysis, as well as considerable expertise in a variety of software platforms, including SAS, SPSS, R, Matlab, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Excel. Check out our About Us page for more details about our expertise and pricing.